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12001 - Skin Bruv

SKIN BRUV! Triga's latest hardcore British made movie. This is the first UK Skinhead movie in a long time and its one hard rough fuck of a trip.

Themes: Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Bodybuilders, Collegiates, DVD, Europeans, Facial Cumshots, Oral Sex, Smooth Dudes, Three Ways, Uncut Cock, Young

A couple of skin mates are sat in their council squat watching str8 porn on a portable. Drinking beer paid for by the dole, the boredom sets in and one decides that his hard cock needs out; out and down his cute skin mate’s throat. The blond lad don’t get much say, hard to say anything with a gob full of skin schlong. The oral treatment is ruff but what d’ya expect; fuckin’ hearts n flowers!!! And when three of his mates crash the flat for the afternoon, you just know blondie is in trouble; his ass is literally gonna be on the line. The 4 surround him and his jaw is given a good workout, each getting sucked before he is bent over the couch, his trackies are torn off and the poor lad is fucked relentlessly. Slaps, spit and verbal abuse remind the lad who is boss. But for these lads one ass ain’t enough and soon one to the tops gets `bitched`. This is what it means to be a `skin bruv`; if another ass is needed, you fuckin’ give it up. Again the group take it in turns to use the fresh sub and once they’ve all had a go they jerk off together, spunking over themselves and each other.

A well hung skin jerks off outdoors over a str8 porn mag. You ain’t never seen a solo j/o like this; this guy rocks. With a big shaved prick and fat smooth balls, he don’t need no other fucker to get off. His wanking gets more furious with every stroke. But just wait till you see the cumshot. Oh-my-fucking-GOD!!!

When a stupid scally tourist tries to nick a few CDs, his actions result in some serious pay-back. He’s forced to suck on a couple of cocks, one of horse proportions while his throat is lubed with their spit. Once the scally’s hole is well rimmed he is impaled on the monster cock, riding it to the base while sucking the other; this lad’s ass can REALLY swallow cock!!! But soon his hole becomes too loose, the massive hung top stretching the lad to breaking point so the other cunt in this trio becomes the butt of choice, quickly bent over and screwed. All out of rubbers but full of spunk, both then take turns riding the scally bareback, just to teach the thieving cunt a lesson. And just for good measure both dump their loads over him while he is on his knees, spraying his wad on the floor.

A monster dicked skin with a serious boner uses and abuses a fit scally he finds in the local crack den. Once he’s had his HUGE cock sucked and slicked with spit, he rips open the back of the scally’s tracksuit and shorts and fucks the lad raw. This lad has a smooth bubble butt and a really tight hole, the dirty skin needing to shove real hard to break into the lad’s shaved ring. Once he’s opened the lad up, clippered his head, and striped him bollock naked the skin-top gets the lad to ride his monster meat before dumping his wad into his open mouth.

The local tattoo shop is the setting for a full on twisted three way between a thick set skin, a dirty scally and a horny chav. Plenty of gob starts off the session and the newly inked chav has his trackies pulled down to allow the skin to prep his hole for fucking…..but not before fit scallly lad gives him a hard and fast finger fuck. Chav gets spit-roasted, both tops taking their turns at the butt end. Then the tables are turned as scally gets his hairy ring fingered, eaten and totally hammered by skin while chav gets head and dumps a thick wad of jizz into his mouth. A second helping of seed is then given by skin, greedily swallowed by the well used whore. Enjoy, this is without doubt the best British film to date!

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Screen Shot Of The Week: DREAM TICKET

Take a look at some of the scenes in RAW's DREAM TICKET!

Click the image on further left for higher resolution previews.

Themes: Bareback Sex, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Collegiates, Cum Eating, European, Facial Cumshots, Oral Sex, ThreeWays/Orgies, Uncut Cocks, Young Men
Stars: Alex Stevens, Jose Manuel, Thom Dyk, Luk Anders, Tony Koch, John Flunnery, Robin Lukko, Frank Milo, Rony Clue, Steff Torr, George Willis, Cameron Jackson, Johny Hunter
Studio: Sauvage
Duration: 115 minutes

Movie Code No: 12121

DESCRIPTION: 100% BAREBACK! When Eurocreme exclusive Alex Stevens goes on a coach trip accompanied by twelve hot and horny euroboys they’re all in for the ride of their lives. A scorching debute from new studio Sauvage!

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